Hacron the Fleet. Once a follower of Oreang, Hacron sided with Ornari after Oreang's fall. Hacron is a lesser angel, but commonly referred to as the patron of rogues and bards. He is quick, cunning, and incredibly charismatic. He enjoys dancing and singing in combat, and opponents often find him distracting and hard to hit. As a lesser angel he has no wings, but still seems to float on his feet.

Hacron is sometimes called the Dark Angel. Inaccurately, most believe Hacron earned this name from delivering death to his enemies, but in truth, this name was garnered through his use of shadows and disguise to hide himself from danger. He is always changing in appearance, but those he reveals himself to do not doubt his word. Hacron is never seen without his rapier at his side, a truly powerful weapon with pinpoint precision and an agile blade.

He has never lost in combat. He moves so quickly, his enemies often don't realize they've been hit. He prefers to fight fairly in single combat, but will fight dirty if the odds are stacked against him.