Hahrab is actually a defective Opaque, now a loyal servant of Ormear. A halo of celestial gold rings his head, and his eyes glow blue. His wings glow yellow. He is the strongest of Ormear's generals, and a powerful figure in the Translucent War.

Seeing the atrocities committed by the ruling Opague, Hahrab swore himself to the weaker Translucent faction. Attracted to the essence of good, Hahrab recognized the strength and purity that Ormear represented. Though both abhorred the violence of the war, they both saw the necessity of their part to play. Hahrab represents the law of Ormear, and prefers order to chaos.

Hahrab particularly despises Oreang and his affiliation with infernal beings. Ormear forbids Hahrab from slaying Oreang, much to his displeasure.