Kalina Fairchild was born in the heavens, born to an angel (Laslatmozael) and a human priestess.  For her early years, she was raised under their care, but due to circumstances involving the war in the heavens, they were forced to send her to Cradle.  Before they sent her away, they promised to come back for her once there was peace again, and sent her off with a divine agent to be smuggled to the lower realms.  However, there was a complication, and soon after their arrival at the Great Shrine, her caretaker was murdered, in his bed, by an unknown assassin. 

From then on, she took to the streets, making her way as she could with her innate magical talents.  Eventually, she was picked up in to an orphanage with other refugees from various other planes, eventually getting adopted with another aasimar girl (Isabella), by a pair of humans called the Fairchilds.  It was here that the pair grew into magic, the father, an older knight from a distant plane, the mother, a bardess who he had rescued on one of his adventures.  Kalina was training herself to be a bardess like her adopted mother, she showed a great talent for dancing, and young Isabella was gifted with the guitar and singing, and this continued for maybe two decades, and the family was happy.

But then there was a terrible accident.  Kalina woke up one morning to find that the home was burnt down, and her arms were terribly burnt.  Her adopted parents corpses were one of the few things identifiable within the rubble.  Isabella was no where to be found.  With no home, and no family, and no real discernible skills other than her still undeveloped magical abilities, she turned to the one thing she could do for money, dance.

Finding work at a local bar, she wound up working as a waitress and performer of various exotic dances, though never found a life in prostitution, despite several offers and the knowledge she could make far more money.  In her off hours, she tried to find tutoring from various magical people and develop her skills further.  She would eventually develop her healing talents enough to retire from the pole and pursue work full time healing the sick with her magical abilities.  

Now she travels the lands, healing the sick and using her fire magic when she can't talk her way out of a situation.  Still haunted by the ghosts of her dead family, she searches for her adopted sister, hoping against hope that she is still alive somewhere in the world.