In the many origin stories about the Translucent War, there is the tale that it was sparked by the death of the Fragmented God. Only excerpts of this mythic tale survive, but this powerful ruler of the heavens was disposed long ago by his own voice, a great being known as Koroth.

Many of the legends that speak of Koroth's origin are vague at best. It is accepted that Koroth has since become a deity in his own right, ruling with an iron fist over the powerful Opaque faction of the war in the heavens. Koroth metes out justice as necessary, though some punishments border on extreme.

Koroth seeks to eliminate the Translucent from existence. He believes they represent a shift in power that will lead to the fall of the celestial planes and all existence.

His followers tend to be quite zealous, and often persecute those connected to the Translucent.