Born 92 S.F.

More of a thug then a rogue; if you find yourself in the presence of Krem, consider yourself in bad company. Krem is notorious for raiding the roads of Warrior's End. He tends to command various ratfolk tribes in the area, in exchange for his guidance and protection. It's likely he has persuaded some of the more desperate tribes into committing acts they likely would have shunned away from otherwise.

Some of the tribes have been breaking free from his grip though, but those that do quickly fall apart.

Krem is always attended by one ratfolk in particular, a young female named Plie. Krem saved Plie as a child in a rare act of benevolence and the young ratfolk has become his faithful servant ever since. Krem tends to be extremely protective of Plie, and remains a father figure for the girl. It was likely this relationship that gave Krem particular influence over the ratfolk.

Krem is quite effective at separating adventurers from their purse, but it's unknown what he does with his accumulated wealth. It is rumored that he has been training the ratfolk in the art of war.

Despite the negative image, Krem typically avoids outright murder, preferring deception and guile. Unless desperate, he leaves the poor and the weak alone. He often takes prisoners of those he perceives as strong. After interrogation, he does his best to persuade a select few prisoners to his cause. Those who refuse often find themselves thrown back into the wild, unarmed but no worse for the wear.

His motivations remain unclear, but Krem keeps his head low regardless.