A lower order Translucent, Laslatmozael is the father of the Aasimar Kalina Fairchild. Laslatmozael is the father of many hundreds of children, often with a preference for mortal partners. Laslatmozael is very protective of his children, however, and did his best to shelter them from the war. Though Laslatmozael truly exists only as one singular entity, he lived as the facets of hundreds of individuals. He has truly loved all his partners as these individuals, as well as his offspring. Thus, Kalina was raised in her father's house, as normal as a celestial family could. Kalina's mother was a devout follower of the House of Lastlatmozael, and thus worshipped the leader of the Translucent, Ormear. This likely shaped much of Kalina's upbringing.

Once The House of Laslatmozael was brought into the war, Laslatmozael did his best to save his children from the horrors. He promised to retrieve them once the war had subsided.