Born in 90 S.F. in the village of Yellowfield, Luther Barlow is a mercenary for hire. The Barlow family has been protecting Yellowfield for generations, but once his brother took over the guard ten years prior, Luther decided to strike out on his own. He was raised to fight, but little else, so it has left him a bit dull in wits. Typically, he has a going rate of a two thousand gold a month, but is willing to take less if convinced.

Despite his history as a mercenary, Luther is picky about the jobs he takes. He doesn't typically get along with other people, and most people are surprised to learn of his deeper good nature. He will be the first to protect someone in danger, even if it doesn't bring him a profit. He has a hard time trusting others from incidents in the past, and often falls prey to the verbal and emotional bullying of others.

Some have taken to calling him "Loofah" as an insult, but it tends to go over his head.