Notable Factions Edit

The setting of Warrior's End if often in conflict between various powers that be. On every level, different groups seek to achieve their own ends. Listed below are different factions that maintain prominence.

Parties Edit

  • The Beneficiaries

Tribes and Clans Edit

  • The Tippshadd
  • Kremlings
  • The Jughluhk

Guilds Edit

  • Ringed Academy
  • Roadbuilders

States Edit

  • Ring of Pivus
  • The Shrinelands
  • Warrior's End
  • Lodus
  • Seldon
  • Bottled Realm

Organizations Edit

  • Order of Conscription
  • Yellowfield Guard

Religious Factions Edit

  • Korothians
  • Aurids
  • Disciples of Ormear
  • Dragonslave
  • Enslavers
  • Redeemers

Planar Factions Edit

  • Opaque
  • Translucent
  • Transparent
  • Prismatic
  • Legion

Other Factions Edit

  • Cragpeople

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