Oreang, the God of Emptiness is the older brother of the Translucent deities Ornari and Ormear. Once a great faction in the war of his own right, Oreang soon grew bitter and disillusioned from the war. Oreang nearly united the Translucent, but was usurped by his brother Ormear. Jealous of his brother, and tired of fighting, Oreang left for the lower planes of existence. He had hoped to lure the beings of the lower planes to his cause, but soon found himself corrupted.

Oreang takes the appearance of a hooded figure, bathed in shadows. His approach seems to drain the life and energy from anywhere he visits. At one time, he radiated life and pleasure. It's not known if he was corrupted first by the war, or his presence in the lower planes.

Followers of Oreang tend to be evil individuals, but there are a few pure of heart who believe his corruption is only a step towards his redemption. His worship is met with persecution, so both groups tend to worship in secret. There are vast differences in their ideology, however, and it's not known which group he favors. Of his evil followers, they long to cast him as the Enslaved God. The good, however, hope he rises from the depths to unite the Heavens. This future vision of Oreang is known only as the Redeemed God.

At present, Oreang appears to favor the evil school of thought.