The youngest of three "siblings", Ormear is the de facto ruler of the Translucent. Known as "The God of White Fire", Ormear has been deified by his sheer power. Of the many subfactions of the Translucent, the Great House of Ormear is the strongest. Despite this, the Translucent remains divided by the thousands of smaller Houses and weaker Great Houses.

Though he appears humanoid, a blinding mass of white and blue flames flickers beneath his skin. Wings of blue fire spread from his shoulders, and he is draped in a robe of crystal cloth.

His followers tend to have a deep connection to fire, warmth, and comfort. The Houses of Osuphael, Hahrab, and Laslatmozael are amongst the strongest of his supporters, though he is weakly supported by the Great House of his brother, Ornari.

His brothers Oraeng and Ornari are much weaker in power, but remain deities in their own right. Regardless, there is a fierce jealousy of Ormear, followed by a strong rivalry. Ornari, the Waterbearer, still follows his brother in the Translucent War despite this jealousy. Oreang, the God of Emptiness, has long since departed to the lower planes, forever lost to his siblings.