Ornari the Waterbearer, is the God of Fluid Essence. It is believed that he is the source of all water and air. Though pure of heart, Ornari is deeply jealous of Ormear. He supports his younger brother's claim to power, but yearns to rise himself. Of the Translucent Houses, the Great House of Ornari is second only to Ormear. The Houses of Subzael and Hacron support his claim.

Ornari is associated with agriculture, clouds, and rain. He is depicted as an old man with a beard of clouds. His skin takes up a violet tint. Underneath, storm clouds seem to roll throughout his body. Ornari is the middle sibling, and the weakest of the three. Regardless, Ornari is revered as the god of Giants and Wizards. His influence touches upon the planes of water and air.