A loyal servant of Ornari, Subzael is actually a bound Transparent. Given solid form by her master as a reward for service, she is the foremost general of Ornari. Subzael despises the Opaque, and maintains a steady but unpleasant truce with Hahrab. Ornari interprets this hatred as jealousy, but for Subzael it is a deep seated fear.

Subzael came into being long after the beginning of the war. She prefers illusions of fog and air, but at times will strike her enemies with lightning. Though she appears solid, her form is only semi-corporeal. She longs to be touched by her master, but fears it never to be. Ornari is blind to her affections, but would likely shun them anyways.

She acts as the matron of messengers, and often finds herself on the mortal plane. Like Laslatmozael, she maintains many facets, but unlike him, her facets only exists on the material plane. She often takes the form of a beautiful young woman, but only as a ghostly image of her celestial form.