The Broad Sea Edit

Considered the largest body of water in the world, the Broad Sea is big enough to be considered a small ocean. It stretches far across the north. Most is unexplored, but there are a few areas of interest. Of the islands in the region, three are of significant size to be deemed of any importance.

Taurid Edit

Most of the city lays far below the surface. In fact, only a small stone structure on the surface serves as the threshold to the land below. It is not known how deep it stretches, or how far, but there are rumors of large civilizations below. The entrance is a large unnamed labyrinth guarded by vicious minotaurs and other horrors of the deep.

The Empty Island Edit

A strange landmass. Covered with short grass, and no significant landmarks or people. It is, as far as anyone knows, completely empty.

The Chao Plains Edit

The second largest landmass in the world, the Chao Plains is an island of immense plains and occasional hills. Barbarian tribes are abundant, as well as some of the smaller hill "giants". Orcs often feud with the human tribes in the region, but some have intermixed. Plains druids often wander the land, kneeling at hidden altars.