The Craglands are the common name for the lands bordering the edge of the world. Harkydium and Golhanus are found on each opposite inner edge of the Craglands. The mountain ranges spread throughout the Craglands are known by the locals as "The Fingers" and are largely uncharted.

The Craglands are dusty, dirty, and gray. The land is a mixture of desert, cold mountains, and dry valleys. Very rarely, the seas of the world flood over and fill the mountain valleys. Though these streams are often dry, when they flood the water flows off the edge of the world. There are no recordings of anyone passing over the edge.

The natives of the land are known as The Cragpeople throughout the majority of the world. They call themselves "Aurids," or People of the Godbull. It is believed a few of their missionaries are responsible for the spreading worship of the mythical deity. Aurids refer to everyone else as the Waterfats.

It is dangerous to venture too far into the Craglands, and one may find themselves falling off the edge of the world. Though not accepting of outsiders, the Aurids have taken up the mantle of responsibility in protecting those whom they believe to be weak. No one can truly appreciate the horrors the Cragpeople have held back so far. Try as they might, they have been able to slow the spread of the Spireblight.