Far from the "safety" of the Cradle, the Translucent War has been ongoing since deep into the Primal Age. Commonly known as "The War in the Heavens," only fragments of information have been uncovered of the planar incident.

What is known, however, is still relatively vast. A power struggle between the factions of heaven, the Translucent War is primarily fought between three groups of celestial beings: The Opaque, the Translucent, and The Transparent. A fourth group, the Prismatic, has long since fallen.

Some of the angels, twisted by the horrors of the war, have found themselves aligned with the demons and devils of the lower planes.

The Cradle was once a haven for refugees of the war, though that was with the assumptions that it was still protected by the giants.

The origin of the war has been long forgotten, but the fate of the Translucent seems to be a major point of contention.

The Opaque Edit

The "highest" order of the angels, the Opaque are corporeal beings formed from solid celestial matter. They are vastly more powerful then the other groups, but also the smallest. Still, the populations of the Opaque reaches into the millions.

The Translucent Edit

Falling somewhere between the Opaque and the Transparent, the Translucent are ghostly in visage, solid to touch. Considered the "bastard" race, they were targeted by both the Opaque and the Transparent. The largest of the remaining factions, but the weakest. Though they have the abilities of both the Opaque and the Transparent, they lack the organization and support of the higher deities.

The Transparent Edit

Considered the "ethereal" angelic entities, the Transparent are a variety of smokey, shadowed beings. Though they can become solid at will, it is difficult to do so. They are most likely to interfere in earthly matters, acting as spiritual guides or messengers.

The Prismatic Edit

The Prismatic were a small group of celestial beings who existed as incarnate forms of light and primal magic. They were killed early on in the war. There are rumors a few had survived, but their loss was felt on the material plane. It is rumored the destruction of Pivus was linked to the elimination of the Prismatic.