Strewn across the river delta of the Warrior's Tear, this port city is considered the greatest refuge since the spread of the Spireblight. Though the scattered islands of the delta are subject to flooding, the city's foundations rise above the rushing waters. Since the fall of Rannoch, the population of Warrior's Rest has tripled in size. Undoubtedly, this has caused issues with crime, illness, and scarcity. Warrior's Rest remains a very diversified city, and attracts all kinds. The Ornarid Temple can be found here.

The city itself is divided into four major districts, along with smaller island settlements. Much of the river delta is used for farm land, so a majority of the city lies along the edge of the sea. Each district is moderately self-sufficient and independently governed. These separate governments convene in council to determine the ruling of the whole city. Though each district maintains their own shipyard and harbor, the Whip is home to the primary harbor.

Temple District Edit

Home to the Ornarid Temple, this district is by far the most comfortable and elegant.

Sunken Keep Edit

The only district built below sea level, the Sunken Keep is partially flooded. There are many unexplored areas of this district deep under water. The flooding conveniently makes it the most well defended district in the city. Many of the rich and ruling class make their home in the towers.

The Refuge Edit

Considered the slum lands of Warrior's Rest, the Refuge is the newest district Though the flood walls and masonry of the area had been constructed long ago, it was only inhabited rather recently. Thousands of refugees make their homes here in shanties and

The Whip Edit

The most industrious portion of the city, the Whip is affectionately named due to the harsh working conditions found there. A majority of the city finds employment here. The largest shipyards and harbors are found here, as well as many different markets and shops. There are a multitude of mills and guilds here, and a majority of the farmland shipments end up here for processing.,